3 Piece Gourmet Kitchen Set

  • Messerstahl's 3 Piece Gourmet Kitchen Set includes a 8" Large Chef's Knife, great for chopping, dicing, and cubing larger portions of meat and vegetables. A 6.5" Boning Knife that is great for separating cooked and uncooked meat from bones. As well as a 3.5" Paring Knife that is perfect for fruits, vegetables, cheeses and sandwiches. 

    • 8" Large Chef’s Knife
    • 6.5" Boning Knife
    • 3.5" Paring Knife
  • Messerstahl® Professional Kitchen Cutlery is crafted from only the finest quality steel available in the world and is manufactured to conform to the most rigorous standards known to the cutlery industry. This warranty is expressly granted in lieu of all other warranties except implied warranties. Messerstahl® will replace or substitute at equal value any returned knife or accessory shown upon examination to be defective at our discretion, and without charge.

    Please refer to Lifetime Warranty page for more details or to make a claim.

  • Expect to cook your first meal with Professional Platinum Cookware within 6-10 business days within placing your order.

    Please refer to our shipping options at checkout for more details.

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